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Protek Consulting Pty Ltd is the hands-on general building consultancy that the building industry and public in general are seeking. At no time in the history of the building industry has there been so much red tape. This can be overwhelming if there is not a coordinated and holistic approach, and Protek Consulting are here to help.

Having experience in building and construction, local government as well as private practice, Philip Connors can assist you in a comprehensive range of services designed and coordinated to get your project up and running, hassle free!


BAL Assessment (Bushfire Attack Level) 

As a result of the widespread bushfire threat in Tasmania, building controls have been introduced for those wishing to build within or beside the bush. These controls have requirements that need to be met when building work is to be undertaken in bushfire-prone areas.

The requirements can include:
     • Maintaining the area around buildings with minimal bushfire fuel;
     • Constructing buildings of fire resistant materials and providing ember proofing;
     • Having appropriate access to and from the site; and
     • Having an appropriate water supply for firefighting.

If you are planning to build in a bushfire-prone area, then a Bushfire Hazard Management Plan (or an Exemption) is needed to document the bushfire safety measures required for councils as well as for building surveyors (as well as future owners).  Protek provide a Bushfire Hazard Practitioner who can undertake the assessment, prepare the plan and certify the plan (or the exemption).

Onsite Waste Water Design & Assessment 

New homes and commercial developments are only viable if the onsite waste water disposal system is capable of meeting the demands of immediate and future waste water disposal.

To this end, Protek Consulting can design a system that will be cost effective, long lasting and unobtrusive. We specialise in liaising with all parties involved to provide the very best outcome every time, and will spend the time necessary to discuss the options and present the facts before you begin your building process. In this way you are guaranteed satisfaction with an otherwise costly and yet necessary element of your build.

Project Management 

Philip Connors has comprehensive knowledge of the building industry and currently operates his own contracting business specialising in Liveable Housing. This ensures that only realistic outcomes are provided as well as sound advice.

Specialising in both residential and smaller commercial developments up to 2000m2 and up to 3 storeys, we will be happy to assist you in the preparation of specifications, contract documentation and building approvals. This ensures that your project will come in on time and on budget….every time!

Dispute Resolution 

The need for dispute resolution is an unfortunate fact of life and Protek Consulting provide specialist and experienced staff to assist you through this process.

Philip Connors is a qualified mediator/conciliator, having completed the Practitioners Certificate in Mediation and Conciliation with IAMA - 2003. He is actively engaged in conducting mediations within his field of expertise. He has recently been appointed to the Panel of Experts, Mediators and Arbitrators, as commissioned by the Master Builders Association of Tasmania in conjunction with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Philip Connors is also a qualified Arbitrator (Grade 11), gaining his qualification through the University of Adelaide in 2001.  He has been nominated and conducted seven (7) arbitrations over the past two years dealing specifically with disputes in the domestic building field.

Building disputes as well as boundary fence disputes are part and parcel of our practice and we offer qualified mediators/conciliators as well as experienced and proven arbitrators when required.

We also provide advice and assistance in preparation of expert reports for building disputes, have experience in court proceedings and representations and can prepare submissions for the Building and Construction Security of Payments Act for both claims and responses.

Cost Estimating 

Protek Consulting provides a cost estimating service for your next project. Specialising in smaller commercial projects to 2000m2 and up to 3 storey as well as general residential and insurance estimating, we are ready to equip you with a sound basis for your next project. We also provide advice and assistance in preparation of building documentation including specifications and contract administration.

Structural Reports 

This service is designed to fill the gap in the industry where pre-purchase inspections go so far, but no further. An example would be for issues such as cracking of brickwork. Most likely your pre-purchase inspector will comment on the defect but recommend you seek out a suitably qualified and experienced person to provide instruction on what is required to “fix” it and how much it is likely to cost. This is our specialty, and we are ready to assist in both residential and commercial property inspections and reports.

Dilapidation Reports 

A dilapidation report is a report on the condition of a property at a given point in time. It records any existing damage and the state of any particular aspects of the property that are likely to be affected by new construction work, excavation or demolition.

These reports are normally carried out on nearby properties both before work begins and after the work is finished. Comparing the two reports offers a clear picture of any damage that may have occurred as a result of building, excavation or demolition work.

Access Consulting and Auditing 

Dignified and equitable access for all is now a responsibility of building designers and developers, and should be a priority in your next project.

Our qualified and practical minded staff can assist you in achieving the best outcome for both existing and new building works. We can even provide hand- on advice in the design of recreation areas and open space, playgrounds and public areas.

Adaptable/Liveable housing to comply with LHA and NDIS requirements is one of the growth areas for developers. Protek Consulting can assist in ensuring you meet or exceed the requirements to achieve full accreditation of your next residential development. This concept, although not necessarily new, is becoming more and more relevant given our aging population and the desire for retirees to “age in place”. No time like the present to contact us and get the best advice on this fantastic opportunity!

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