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Our mission is to provide our valued clients with a professional Building Surveying Service that cuts through the red tape and makes the building experience not only good, but great! We can achieve this by having the right staff with up-to-date skills and knowledge to identify the hold-ups upfront and get them sorted early. We believe this is our strength, and you benefit from our desire to be better than the rest.


Certificate of Likely Compliance 

New Building Work

If you are building anything that requires building approval you will need a Building Surveyor to assess your plans to ensure they meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards and to issue a Certificate of Likely Compliance.

It is your choice if you wish to employ the Council’s Building Surveyor or a Private Building Surveyor like Protek. The benefits of using us as your Private Building Surveyor is that we provide one-on-one service and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We offer quick turnaround for Certificate of Likely Compliance issue, and always keep our clients in the loop with the progress of the application. We also submit your application to the Council for you, so you only have to liaise with us. If you employ Protek we will conduct the inspections as work progresses and only need 24 hours’ notice for inspection bookings (sometimes you can even book inspection in the same day you call). The only time Council will need to inspect is for plumbing or planning inspections, if required.

Certificate of Substantial Compliance  

Building work constructed without approval

If there is building work on your property that would have required a Building Permit but a Permit was not obtained, we can help you through the process of legalising your building works and issue you with what is called a ‘Certificate of Substantial Compliance.’ This is then submitted to the Local Council’s Permit Authority to obtain a Permit for the works.

Solar Panel Approvals 

Having been approached by several companies looking to obtain approval for the installation of solar panels, we have put together a system that enables us to deal with these approvals efficiently and affordably. In the “Forms” section of our website is the Directive from The Department of Justice explaining when solar panels require building approval.

Essential Health & Safety Features & Measures 

Once a building has been completed the owner of that building, or in some cases the occupier, is responsible for the maintenance of the safety features and measures installed within that building. This applies to any building that falls within any of the following classes:

Class 1b: Bed and breakfast, boarding house, hostel
Class 2: Two-storey apartments/blocks of units/flats
Class 3: Residential parts of hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation
Class 4: Caretaker’s unit
Class 5: Offices for professional or commercial purposes
Class 6: Shops/Retail (cafes, restaurants, take-away shops, dining rooms, bars serving liquor)
Class 7: Carparks, storage or warehouse buildings for display of goods
Class 8: Laboratories
Class 9: Public buildings, schools, hospitals, aged care or places of assembly (night clubs, sporting venues etc.)
Class 10c: Private bushfire shelter associated with a private dwelling

This requirement has been law in Tasmania since 2004.

Protek can perform an initial assessment of your building to establish a Maintenance Schedule (Form 46) of the Features. For a stress-free approach to Essential Services our specialised software system allows us to ensure your periodical audits are performed on time, every time.

Strata Title Report 

Our qualified and experienced Building Surveyors can provide advice upfront as to the best way of achieving BCA compliance in your proposed strata. We specialise in residential and smaller lots up to 2000m2 and 3 storeys.

Our team of allied professionals include in-house Land Surveyors for the provision of the final strata plans and associated body corporate by-laws.

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 Certificate of Likely Compliance (New building work)
 Certificate of Substantial Compliance (Building work constructed without approval)
 Essential Health & Safety Features & Measures
 Strata Title Report
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