How long does it take to get my plans approved? 

After all of the documentation/information is provided, Protek will take approximately 5 business days to provide your Certificate of Likely Compliance.*
Once the Application has been submitted to Council, the Building & Plumbing permits are usually issued within 2-3 weeks.*

* If owner/builder registration is required allow an extra 14 days before Certificate of Likely Compliance is issued
*If a Planning Permit is required allow an extra 42 days for Building Permit approval, as Building Permit will not be issued until planning has been approved

What if a Planning Permit is required for my project? 

Protek do not organise Planning Permits. It is recommended that you have Planning Approval before you submit your plans to Protek for building approval.

I received my Building Permit – now what? 

You must have your builder sign and return the Building Start Work Notice (Form 39) that was previously sent to you. The builder must send the signed form to Protek a minimum of 2 days prior to commencing works and wait for our authorisation to start work.  The Building Start Work Notice must be submitted to the Building Surveyor within 12 months of the issue of the Building Permit.

How long will my Building Permit last?  

You have 12 months from the date the Building Permit was issued to commence works, and 2 years from the Permit date to complete the works. If works do not commence within the first 12 months, however, the Permit will expire and a new application will be required.

Can I extend my Building Permit? 

Yes, the Building Surveyor may agree to extend your Building Permit, but only if works have commenced within the first 12 months.  If the building work cannot be completed within 2 years from the date the Permit was issued you must request an extension of the Building Permit prior to permit expiry.

Can I change builders? 

You can change builders during the construction process, however, the current builder will need to notify us in writing when they cease works onsite. Works must not resume until an authorised Building Start Work Notice has been issued to the new accredited builder.

How do I know if I need a Building Permit for my work? 

There are limited works that can be constructed without a Building Permit, however, generally most building works will require approval. Contact your Local Council or Building Surveyor to determine whether you need to seek approval prior to commencing works.

Can I make changes to my design after approval? 

Your Building Permit can be amended if changes to the design are required or desired.  Your Building Surveyor will need to reassess any amended plans so that an Amended Building Permit can be issued.

How much notice do I need to give to book inspections? 

For inspections in the local area 24 hours’ notice is required. Out-of-area inspections usually require at least 48 hours’ notice.

Do I need to get Council to inspect the works? 

Council will need to conduct any plumbing inspections (if applicable) and a Planner may need to inspect if a Planning Permit was issued.

Why haven’t I received my Completion Certificate? 

Once all building work is complete as per plan the Building Surveyor (Protek) issues a Certificate of Final Inspection (Form 12). A copy of the Form 12 is sent to the relevant Council, who then issue the Certificate of Completion (Form 20). If you have not received your Certificate of Completion from Council, it usually means that the Council’s Plumbing Inspector has not been requested to undertake a final plumbing inspection. Once plumbing has been signed off Completion Certificates for both building (Form 20) and plumbing (Form 21) will be issued.